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Attention, READ BEFORE BUYING! Even though this drive, like the LiteOns, is officially recommended by the Burner Max inventors, it is ONLY A LOW BUDGET ALTERNATIVE, we recommend to use a PLDS AD-5290S DVD-WRITER INSTEAD, this drive, needs a lot of calibrating and tweaking the settings, expect to waste some Verbatim DVDs on this until you find the correct setting, if you can not be bothered with this, please do us and yourself a favor and buy a Sony instead, they dont need any tweaking with the settings at all usually.


For sale is a TEAC W524 DVD-Writer which can burn over-capacity discs, that means 8.7GB to 8.5GB discs, like required for X G D 3 for example.

Please note this is a TEAC W524 drive, it is identical and made in the same factory like Lite0n lHas524, thus why it has the same parts in it, uses the same firmware and also offers you all the other Lite0n features(Smartburn, Hypertuning, Clear OPC etc.) as it basically is a Lite0n just with a different label, but it is slightly cheaper.

To use this Drive your PC needs a SATA-Port, if it is not older than 8 years it should have one, if you have a Laptop you might need to buy a USB dongle if it has no SATA-Port.

As Discs only Verbatim DVD+R DL Discs are recommended, only for these we guarantee it will work, other Discs are of crappy quality and even if they burn, it burns them with a lot of errors, this means you will get more reading errors or some discs might not work at all, so dont be cheap and buy the proper discs the first time, MKM-001 or MKM-003 are the best.


Eine kostenlose Anleitung finden Sie hier: http://x-ex.com/payload



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