Xecuter Corona Postfix Adapter V2

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Corona Postfix Adapter für Corona v2, v3 , v4, wo der Postfix Point versteckt ist, siehe Grafik unten zur Identifikation.

Anleitung: Anleitung Postfix Adapter

Well things just keep moving faster and faster, for those that don’t already know there are now Corona v3 & v4 Xbox 360 Slim motherboards. With these latest models they have removed the post_out tracks and points normally used, so now the only way to connect the post_out wire is to solder directly to the post_out ball on the CPU itself, oh no we here you saying, well don’t fear as Xecuter have once again come up with an elegant solution that avoids having to solder directly to the ball of the CPU. The Xecuter Corona Postfix adapter v2 is a neat little PCB board that sits around the CPU and using a special pogo pin system to connect to the ball of the CPU and avoids having to solder the post_out wire to the post_out ball of the CPU. This will be a huge relief for those that don’t feel confident enough to run the wire to the ball on the CPU, and really not many of us would want to do it that way.

The install of the Xecuter Postfix adapter v2 is going to require you remove the X-Clamp and heat sink off the CPU, we will be getting some Xecuter X-Clamp removal tools ASAP for those wanting to make this process a little simpler. Once the heat sink is removed you slot the TX Postfix adapter in place, it’s made up of two parts that kind of clip together around the CPU, once in place and the pogo pin is touching the CPU ball you then solder the PCB to four points close to the pogo pin which from what we can tell is purely to hold the PCB in place after the install. This is really an elegant solution and avoids having to solder anything to the balls on the CPU which 99% of us would love to avoid.

Now there has been some news that very late model Corona v2 boards also have the post_out points removed, so if you are working on a Corona v2 model board that was made mid 2012 you should double check that the post_out points and tracks are there, just something to be aware of. Xecuter have also released a very handy image guide to show you how to tell the difference between the Corona v1, v2, v3 & v4 motherboards. We have the image below so you can use it as a reference, it also shows how the Xecuter Postfix adapter is installed so you can get a clearer idea of what it looks like after installation.

a pic



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