Southbridge "X-Clamp"-Fix

Sunday 28th September 2008
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1 rotes Licht 1RLODE67; E69; E71; E73; E76; E79;
2 rote Lichter 2RLOD
3 rote Lichter 3RLOD0010; 0021;
4 rote Lichter 4RLOD

What you need:
- A disassembled mainboard
- A piece of metal(you can take that from the metal shield of the case) or a piece of wood, thin one of course, just something that is solid enough to act like a metal plate...(if you got one of the heatsinks that come with the Talismoon Whisper Max you could also use these :))
- A sharp scissor to cut the metal
- A 2mm drill(3mm works as well if you dont have one)
- 4x M2 machine screws(10mm)
- 4x M2 nuts
- 16x M2 metal/nylon washers(nylon is better then you have to isolate less)
- electrical tape, to isolate all components around the southbridge that might get in touch with the metal plate or the washers and short out...

The pictures were resized so just click one to see the high def version of it...
Well lets start...

a pic

This is the layout of the mounting holes, in this way you will have to cut out the metal plate and drill the holes.

a pic

I have used the casing of an PCMCIA card because the 360 I did this for didnt have a metal shield anymore...
However you can also use other materials, like the metal from the windshield and I guess even wood will work out well, just make sure it doesnt bend too easily.(if you got one of the heatsinks that come with the Talismoon Whisper Max you could also use these :))
The X-Clamps would work as well but cutting them is way too hard since it is steel...
The 3.5mm are a bit more than the 3.1mm that the plate will be after the drilling, this is just a little additional space to allow improvements if you fuck the drilling up, in the end you will have to cut it to the size in the scheme otherwise the heatsink wont fit properly anymore...

a pic

Cut the piece out like that and then draw the holes on it using the Scheme above...

a pic

Then drill the holes carefully.

a pic

Afterwards install the screws with one washer, isolate the whole are around the holes because the metal washers will otherwise short things out, you cant see that on the pictures, but it is necessary!
Fasten the screws like that with 4 pieces of tape to prevent them from falling out when you turn the board around...

a pic

When you turn it around it should look like that.

a pic

On the top side add 3 washers now(the number of washers can vary, depending on the material you used, the more it bends the less washers you will need).
Also isolate the whole area around the southbridge to prevent the metal from shorting something out especially the capacitor marked in the picture!

a pic

Now install the metal plate, if it doesnt fit now you might have to adjust it a bit or redo it, took me two tries myself when I took the pictures, it is a bit tricky...

a pic

Then install the 4 nuts.

a pic

And tighten them down as much as you can, if the material is more solid be careful, only tighten the stuff snug...

a pic

Thats what it should look like when you are done.

If the heatsink doesnt fit anymore you will have to cut the metal plate a bit more on this side and make sure that the nut is aligned, if it doesnt work at all you will have to use a saw to cut a little piece out of the GPU heatsink!

You might have to remove washers or use a more solid material if it doesnt work in the first place because you need more pressure or adjust the pressure on a different area, for E71 for example the side that points to the NAND needs more pressure, for ethernet related stuff like E75,E76 etc the side pointing at the network chip and for 0021 and E73 the whole chip or the side pointing at the GPU...

I hope this helps some people who dont have a heatgun, the only permanent fix for that problem will remain a complete reflow of the chip with a heatgun though...

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